Why us

At Skaria Exports we believe in quality more than anything. Being from a designing and marketing background, both Vipin and Atika focus on the standards that they set for their products. Atika works closely with different designers in India and abroad to create unique and bespoke products. On the other hand Vipin takes care of the Business Development and Marketing. We have already successfully marketed and exported our products to Germany and France. You can have a glance of the different designs and products that we successfully delivered in our gallery section.
Since we specialize in unique and customized products, our customers have a wide range of variety to choose from. Every single product of ours is a perfect blend of premium quality leather, contemporary design and Indian craftsmanship. Each and, every single detail is given its due importance to create the ultimate masterpiece (we like to call it that way).
“The Journey is the Destination”. This is something that we at Skaria Exports firmly believe in. Hence at every single stage of producing the finished good, quality control and quality check is taken care of with outmost professionalism and transparency. Depending on the product we procure leather from different parts of India and,also work with different artisans from all over India.
We make sure that our products are legally in compliance with the International standards and certifications. During the process of manufacturing our products we see to it that we do not create any waste which is harmful for the environment and at times when it happens, we take care of disposing it in an eco-friendly manner. From designing a product, to its manufacturing to packaging and shipping, we always have been time-efficient and made sure that we deliver the order in the committed timeline.
Ms Atika closely works with different designers in India and abroad and creates bespoke and unique products in collaboration them whereas Mr Vipin heads the marketing of the company.

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